InstaCuppa Fruit Infuser Water Bottle for Detox #SuperBloggerChallenge2018 #InstaCuppa

Hey, Hydration is best for good health. The easiest method to drink more water is to select a fruit infused water bottle. Infuser Water Bottles are specially designed for infusing fruits with water. Most infuser water bottles have separate chambers to hold fruit. We need to peel fruits, toss them inside the bottle and enjoy the goodness of a […]

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The zest of floral flavours

Do you like to have some spring flowers on salad plate? Edible flowers having their role as garnishes in several dishes. They are unique to the new cuisine. They can be used for aroma or unique flower’s flavor and freshness to any dish. Hibiscus can be served with fruit salad to have fresh garden flavor. […]

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Are you throwing a Party ? let’s have some Party Etiquttes-

Are you throwing a Party ? let's have some Party Etiquttes-

We all love to party but people across the World have different eating habits. Hosting a party or attending it differs from country to country. In Europe and America, using hands to eat is not common. While in India, where eating with one’s hands is perfectly acceptable, a guest will not prefer using a fork […]

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