Let’s have a look on Rashtrapati Bhawan Kitchen and his Chef Montu Saini


Do you know who cooks for President of India?

Any Guess?

Chef Montu Saini presently is the cooking chef of the President of India. He cooked Indian Tasty Foods. The Foreign Delegates who visit Rashtrapati Bhavan officially has been served Indian Food by Chef Montu Saini.

Chef Montu Saini says –

                     It’s His Responsibility to let Foreign Dignitaries Tastes Cuisine of India.

Chef Montu Saini is Executive Chef at Rashtrapati Bhawan. He has a team of forty cooking chefs. He starts his work at his kitchen on 10 O’clock morning. He executes all these chefs in the President House Kitchen. Earlier, He was the chef at Ashoka Group of Hotels. He was appointed as an executive chef on 16th June’ 2015 at Rashtrapati Bhawan. He cooked for every person on Banquet, or Functions. He also has a prominent role to served President’s Private Kitchen. He coordinates Rashtrapati Bhawan’s Kitchen Stuff regarding being purchased and used. He was the youngest chef of State’s Elite Club -” Club des Chefs des Chefs ” whose conference held firstly in India. He plays Tennis or Golf as his hobby. Whereas he focused on quality of cuisines in the kitchen. He checked guest’s food thoroughly before to be served. He and his team cooked food for 5000 Guests for National Festival Banquet. He emphasized on food habits of  Foreign Dignitary to be served from concerned Embassy. Rashtrapati Bhawan Kitchen’s Fruits or Vegetables are gathered from Rashtrapati Bhawan Estate.

Chef Montu Saini says for President Pranab Mukherji 

He likes different types of dishes, but Bengali Food is President’s First Choice.





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