A new begining #Friday Foto Fiction

Some students are weak at their performance at their school. The students were believed to have attended classes regularly. They had a low numbers at their academic performance. They had inadequate language and communication skills in the classroom and extra-curricular perfomance.

As I teach in school, so I srongly believed that  Remedial classes should be given to weak students. At the starting thay are weak. But after a lot of concentration, they had showed improvement in their performance. Now, they are confident towards their studies. It’s their new begining.

Ideas to improve weak student performance-

Discuss the student’s performance concentrately.

Appropriate study to be consider.

Keep in touch with parents and talk to them.

Regular watch on student’s performance.

Enhancing english and presentation skills.

Peer learning.

Adequate encouragement of weak students.

I wish these ideas would be a key to new life for students struggling with their studies.


Tina Basu


I will be writing this post for the  #UBC #FridayFotoFiction by Tina and Mayuri.

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