Advice to learn a tough subject!


Giving great advice begins with a wonderful gift to someone.

What is the best advice you would give?

Listen!   Listen! Listen!


Never hurried over advice. The best advice is to influencing their thinking in a positive way. As a teacher, I mostly give advice to students in their learning. Students mostly having problems regarding learning subject.Students sometimes don’t show interest in studies. They get frustated also.The concentration towards the subject is lacking in the students.

To grab effective learning is not a easy task. I  think students should focused on the text chapter thoroughly and broaden the lesson. Further, Students should concentrates on the illustrations and headings of the chapter.  It gives a new concept to learning.


Conceptual learning is effective. Students should focused on chapter with sample solutions and practice daily. Concentrates on procedures to be followed in the lessons. Understanding each and every chapter.

After learning the chapters, recall and recognised each and every concept respective to chapter. Take a pause for a few minutes after learning chapter. Don’t focused on re-reading with recalling. Re-reading is only a waste of time. If any student do re-reading without understanding is useless.

With difficult subjects,  studying some every day rather than cramming during a few study sessions. When you cram, the knowledge may stick around  enough to pass.

Do learning with new ideas. Whatever you learned make a habit of writing it in your own words with excellent vocabulary. Synthesize new information and ideas. Writing  by hand converts what you are learning?


                                      I will be writing this post for the #UBC  Day #5




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