Are you moving ahead ?


You’re moving ahead,

You’re on your way,

On your way to do things,

Big things or small things.

Discover the world sort of things,

Or quickly or chilling with friends,Are you moving ahead ?

But important is that in search of better and more,

You’re moving ahead.

With every walk,

You’re making a better life,

For you or for your parents,

You’re moving up by moving,

You’re moving ahead.


All of you,

This entire world,

From one place to another,

Darkness or light nothing can stop you,

You move ahead.

 I will be writing daily for the NaBloPoMo and this is my post for day 12

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  1. It is more like time doesn’t let us not move forward. Wantedly or not we are pushed forward. While we maybe stuck in a rut we actually move forward of we learn from it you see.
    Nice poem. 🙂

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