Beauty regime week !- Day 6

For  radiate and glowing skin, practice exercise everyday.

Exercise tighten and tone the skin.

Have a glance at exercise routine for glowing skin that will improve your skin.

1-Practice exercise  in the morning on an empty stomach after your daily ablutions.

2- It is always better to do exercise  in an open space – in the verandah or lawn.

3- Make sure to spread the exercise mat on an even surface to get the right postures.

4-  Face the North or east direction while practising exercise.

5-  Keep your mind calm and happy and refrain from anger or irritation.

6-  Do not let stress appear on the nerves, nose, ears, neck, and eyes during the exercise.

7- Take into consideration your age, physical and mental condition, flexibility, capacity,

       environment and time.

8- Do not practice exercise when you have fever, a severe cough and cold.

9- Do not practice exercise in haste and avoid force and push of any kind.

10- Give a break of at least half an hour between your exercise session and a bath. You

          can  drink water after 15-20 minutes. Keep the water in your mouth for a minute

          before gulping it down. You should eat after half an hour.

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