#BlogChatter E-book Review- A TO Z Of Pregnancy by Dr.Bushra Nausheen

  • A to Z Of Pregnancy is an adult health book by Dr. Bushra Nausheen. The e-book is about healthy Pregnancy and Childbirth. This book comprised of Phases of pregnancy and childbirth. It laid emphasis on accurate facts of pregnancy. It has varied units on pregnancy and childbirth. The author expressed her experiences with  patients.

As a gynecologist, she described  the different levels of pregnancy and childbirth. It consists of woman’s motherhood and as a parent. It solves the queries of mother. Pregnancy is a reproductive durations. It gives knowledge about bodily changes in pregnant woman.  Pregnancy changes from woman to woman. Nutrients rich diet is an essential criteria in pregnancy. It creats awareness about menstrual cycle and urination. It also laid emphasis on healthy diet habits.

The book begins the stages of woman into a mother.  It explained the  symptoms of pregnancy. It ensured on miscarriage /ectopic pregnancy. The best is to gain weight during pregnancy. Pregnant woman needs more calories than the normal diet. Maternity care includes regular routine checkups. It provides different tests of pregnancy. Pregnant women should be gone through HIV. It interprets of USG, and babies movements in women’s womb. The mother should gained atleast 450gms weight every week. The normal babies based on digestive system, senses, growth and weight. Balanced diet, special care of child and light exercise is necessary during pregnancy. Smoking, tobacco and alcohol is unhealthy for your child. Pregnant woman ideal diet should be nutritious, easily digestible and rich in protein, minerals, carbohydrates, fibers, and vitamins.

The book  is a matured health book with pregnancy and childbirth aspects. It emphasised on the healthy pregnancy and childbirth. The healthy diet chart is marvelous. It gives an effective impact and outlook towards life.

About the Author

Dr. Bushra Nausheen is a gynecologist by profession and has 4 years of experience in medical practice. Her interested in writing started when her first poem is published in the school magazine and her teacher has encouraged her towards writing. Her grandfather is also Urdu poet. She’s an avid and jovial writer. She writes about health, parenting, food, nutrition and life at her blog www.allaboutthewoman.com.The motto behind her blog is to promote healthy living for a woman. Her poem revolves around the inequality woman has been suffering around the globe. Her articles have been selected at the ministry of Ayush, the government of India. She’s also the health consultant and author for the reputed health websites.



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