Do you love to watch Nawabi Andaaz TV serials?

Any Guess? Of what I am talking about?

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It’s none other than Ishq Subhan Allah exclusively on ZEE5. Ishq Subhan Allah is produced by Zuby Kochchar and Dheeraj Kumar. The story is written by Danish Javed. The main role stars are Eisha Singh and Adnan Khan. The story is written by Javed Khan. Ishq Subhan Allah is the Hindi-Urdu language melodrama. This TV serial laid emphasis on the triple talaq prevailing in the Muslim community. Ishq Subhan Allah is the story of Lucknow and highlights the culture and traditions of the Muslim community. The two main characters Mawlawi Kabir Shahbaz Ahmad and  Zara Irfan Siddiqui are different perspective personalities. Zara and Kabir is the firm believer of Islam and completed higher studies in it, but interpret the Quran differently. The main attraction is the clash between them on varied ideas on triple talaq. Due to circumstances, both of them are getting married as this couple’s marriage is believed to benefit their Islamic community in the city.

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The story of Ishq Subhan Allah begins with Zara Siddiqui and Malauwi Kabir Ahmed coming back to Lucknow after 5 years after completing higher studies on Islam. While the views of Zara and Kabir on triple talaq differ, they are forced to marry each other. Both of them don’t like each other for different perspective towards Islam. At the beginning of their marriage, both of them have the clash between them. The honeymoon scenario makes them closer. Zara is now in love with Kabir while Kabir is still hesitant. On the other hand, Kabir’s sister-in-law’s sister, Rukhsaar, has been in love with Kabir from a young age, and every moment tries her own ideas to split them up.

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Rukhsaar brings  Miraj to help her to create differences between Zara and Kabir, as revenge for her friend’s brother. Miraj is the brother of an underworld Don. When Miraj comes to know the truth of Rukhsaar is that she is the actual reason his brother is dead, he goes rogue. Rukhsaar now brings her college friend Nilofer to save her family from Miraj. She called Nilofer to be Miraj’s sister and this increased the anger Miraj. She asks Nilofer to keep her family safe from Miraj. While she is married off and sent to Dubai. Miraj is so clever that he buys out Nilofer and now she is also the same as Miraj.

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Now, Miraj and Nilofer started to create a misunderstanding to happen between Zara and Kabir and Kabir divorces Zara by triple talaq. Zara does not accept the divorce, as it is revealed that it was not in their nuptials. Miraj reveals his true motive for Zara and how he wants her. But Zara is able to save Kabir by bringing Rukhsaar back to India to reveal Miraj’s truth.

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Zara asks Kabir’s sister-in-law’s Zeenat to help her get in contact with Rukhsaar, unfortunately, is not able to reach her. Shahbaz advises Kabir to let Miraj join Sharia Board and not divorce Zara, on the means of giving him 1 crore to pay back Zara’s Mahr. Miraj squeezes himself into Sharia Board. Irfan who is Zara’s father, announces that he wants both Zara and Kabir as his Vice Chairperson of the Board.

In the end, It is revealed to Kabir that Miraj is a diamond smuggler, who only joined his project to turn his own black money into white money. On this truth being revealed, Kabir’s dream project is seized.


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Ishq Subhan Allah is the Melodrama soap opera that can be watched on ZEE TV and on ZEE5. The story of the show beautifully explores the Muslim culture in India. This TV show binds the viewers to watch every episode with anticipation. The show is full of the legendary nawabi andaaz of Lucknow. The main attraction of this TV serial is to lay emphasis on the triple talaq and effectively puts forth both side of the argument on this matter. It is remarkable how Zara managed to face the triple talaq circumstances and save her family.




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  1. Its quite an interesting story..will watch it for sure. Zee5 is really doing great job. All exciting web series, regional movies, its a great entertainment platform.

  2. I had left watching tv shows some time ago but this one got me hooked. I loved the theme and lead pairs in this show. My mums hooked too.

  3. I watch quite a lot of serials .. this zee5 app makes it easy to watch all my fav shows on the go.. thanks for such good app

  4. I have watched few episodes of this serial and found it really royal and interesting story line …glad can catch up on Zee5 now

  5. I’m not really of a daily soaps kind of person becAUSE all of them contain the same mellow-drama, the saas bahu fights but this one sounds really intriguing and fun to watch!

  6. I have been seeing little trailer clips of this show here and there on social media but didn’t know where to watch this. The show looks really interesting and now I know where to watch this. Thanks for sharing xx

  7. I’m big follower of this show watching since beginning. Glad that this is now available at Zee5 and now I’ll watch any time anywhere

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