Change your outlook towards life.

What is necessary in life?

We always think about it.

Can we thought of ,what is not necessary in life?

Let’s have a glimpse of some-

Knowledge without applied to execution is useless.

It doesn’t necessary whether personality is introvert /extrovert/ambivert.

How much hours you study is not important ?

It’s only quantity.


Understanding, retaining and execution is more necessary.

It doesn’t matter of having huge group of friends,  if you can’t share feelings with friends.




 I will be writing this post for the #UBC   AND #Mondaymommymoments  by Amrita and  Deepa

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  1. Understanding and Execution are two parameters that work in sync. I completely agree that this is the most basic aspect of life that people often ignore to understand properly. I really like your motive behind writing this piece. One must know the actual meaning of attitude ownership 🙂

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