D-Alive launches India’s first ever range of sauces and salad dressings for people with diabetes

D-Alive Health Pvt. Ltd., India’s first holistic wellness solutions provider for diabetes, has announced another industry first move. The company has introduced breakthrough sauces and salad dressings specially designed for people with diabetes, making it the country’s maiden offering.

D-Alive’s sauces and vinaigrettes are made with 100% natural ingredients, completely free from all sort of adulterations, which otherwise is a constant worry when such condiments are consumed on a day-to-day basis. They are a nutritious mix of jamun and/or coconut vinegar (with mother) followed by various spices, seeds and herbs known for many medicinal values and anti-diabetic properties.

Most variants available in the market are labels loaded with sugars, gluten and ingredient names one cannot even read, leaving them absolutely unaware of what is going in their body. On the other hand, D-Alive makes sure that even the oils used are cold-pressed, keeping nutrients intact which are otherwise destroyed by various extraction methods.

As compared to what is available, D-Alive’s sauces and vinaigrettes are NOT sweetened and/or bulked with refined sugars and processed ingredients, their products are sweetened with dried organic stevia leaves’ powder, perfectly balanced out with organic coconut sugar, which falls as low as 35 on the Glycemic Index. Naturally nutrient rich and a superb source of daily goodness for one and all.

The highlight being jamun vinegar which is a very healthy alternative to distilled vinegar. The jamun seeds powder contains jamboline (a type of glucose) that helps to control the conversion of starch into sugar; along with reduction of many diabetes complications like frequent urination.

The four introductory variants are: Khatt-Mith Tomato Ketchup, Sweet Sour Chilli Sauce, Sweet Sesame Vinaigrette, Hot & Sweet Pickle Vinaigrette.

Launched in October 2018, D-Alive is looking at making India friendly for people with diabetes. Elaborating on this, Sarrah Kapasi, Co-Founder and CEO, said, “Even when the thought of starting something like D-Alive occurred to us, we were sure to take this beyond offering dessert and sweet alternatives. We noticed, mostly what’s available out there are sugar-free desserts or beverages, and the quality of which is again debatable. There was a lack in availability of everyday solutions and that’s how we came up with sauces and vinaigrettes for people with diabetes, considering it is one of the most widely accepted category. We are much ahead of time, and hope to make people with diabetes believe in the fact that there can be alternate solutions for each of their food requirements, which was unheard of until recently.”

The sauces are in the price range of Rs. 250 to Rs. 499 for a quantity ranging from 270gm – 280gm. Available across Indiaexclusively on Amazon.in, and in select retail stores in Mumbai.

About D-Alive Health Pvt. Ltd.: 

D-Alive is India’s first company to provide holistic wellness solutions specially designed only for people with diabetes. The company is built on the edifice of research and convictions of many diabetics, their relatives, diabetologists and diet-experts, cumulated by a type 1 diabetic since 25 years, Mr. Kapasi. The father-daughter duo, Mr. M. N Kapasi and Ms. Sarrah Kapasi (co-founder & CEO), along with Ms. Alfiya Attarwala (who manages the entire product R&D) founded the company after noticing a lack of knowledge and awareness about diabetes in the country, and how there were no solutions for people with such needs.

Launched in October 2018, the start-up based in Mumbai produces foods which are 100% natural, made out of organic ingredients of the topmost quality. No gluten, absolutely naturally sweetened with low Glycemic Index sweeteners like stevia, coconut sugar and packaged using innovative Modified Atmosphere Packaging technology to enhance shelf-life. D-Alive currently offers five variants of Indian sweets, and three variants of fast acting glucose gels which is a quick fix for low sugar levels, across 35 retail stores and e-commerce platforms. Website: http://www.dalivehealth.com/

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