Explore The Importance of Hydrolysed PROTEIN with PROTINEX

Explore The Importance of Hydrolysed PROTEIN with PROTINEX

Protein is one the essential Macronutrients to keep our body healthy. Its deficiency can lead to an imbalance in body functions. Though we all assume intake balance diet. Then also a vast group of population is more or less are suffering from Protein deficiency. Explore The Importance of Hydrolysed PROTEIN with PROTINEX.

Are you taking required daily protein diet?  Not sure!!! Here I can help you. Recently I get a chance to attend Health session by Protinex & Danone India at Lucknow. The event covers all aspects to showcase the importance of protein and How to keep a check and covers the deficiency.

Kavita Devgan, nutritionist, weight management consultant, Talks about the importance of Protein and how to meet its requirement via diet. According to Mr. Himanshu Bakshi, director of Danone India, 93% of Indians are unable to identify their ideal protein requirements. Dr. Nandan Joshi is the head of Nutrition Science and Medical Affairs of Danone India states that the consumption of the accurate quantity and quality of protein daily at a proper durations such as hydrolyzed protein helps in faster protein consumption.

According to IMRB  that Lucknow is the highest in deficiency at 90%, Mumbai at 70% and Delhi at 60% while Kolkata is the least protein deficiency at 43%

Importance of Hydrolysed PROTEIN with PROTINEX

What are the different types of PROTEIN Available



Protein Hydrolysate is prepared by the combination of proteolytic enzymes to purified protein sources by the purification process. It enhances the digestion and absorption of protein via the gut. The digestion process concludes in intact proteins breaking down into single amino acids and small amino-acid peptide strands. This property of hydrolysed protein makes the quick source of protein in no time.

What is the Flavour of HYDROLYSED PROTEIN?

HYDROLYSED PROTEIN have a bitter flavor due to the bitter-taste peptides that are released during the enzymatic hydrolysis of proteins. When the of HYDROLYSED PROTEIN mixed with milk the taste is better.


  1. Excess of amino acids from the gut to muscles.
  2. Increase the accuracy of amino acids.
  3. Enhance the muscular quantity.
  4. Recovery of stimulates muscle damage.
  5. Improves the protein synthesis. 

The launch of Protein Calculator

The Protein Calculator is launched by Protinex which measures the total amount of protein intake by a person on daily basis. This will help to evaluate how much protein needs to be based on height, weight, exercise mode and fitness goal of a person. According to nutritionists, Protein calculator yields the protein intake and takes remedial improvement in their diet through protein supplements.


PROTEIN CALCULATOR helps is an evaluation of the following things:

  1. A healthy person requires approximately 1 g of protein per Kg body weight.
  2. Pulses, fish or chicken only do not fulfill the daily protein requirement.
  3. Protein Calculator provides to Indians accurate protein intake.  

About Protinex 

Protinex is famous as a protein supplement in India. Their Protinex powder is one of the most prescribed and Trusted Nutritional supplements since ages. It comprises a good protein formula which meets the daily protein Requirement. It emphasizes nutritional benefits of adults and children. It has varied flavors like elaichi, tasty chocolate, vanilla and original.


Danone India is a global food company. It represents a holistic nutrition approach with a wide range of products for pregnant mothers, infants, young children also adults by the recognized brands such as Aptamil, Neocate, Protinex, Dexolac, and Nusobee.

So what are you waiting for, Are you taking Proper Protein in your diet? Do check out the Hydrolysed PROTEIN with PROTINEX and share your experience.

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  1. Protinex Is My Fav Brand Right From Childhood
    it really helps to women In Improving Blood Levels
    There Are Many Advantages With This
    Love those Yummy Flavors
    thanks For The Lovely Post

  2. this is a very informative post and the best part is the calculator. generally people have no idea how much protein is to be taken on a daily basis and also what is the importance of it.

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