Greta Garbo, Jean Harlow, Marlene Dietrich – Is Your Style Inspired by These Icons?

Greta Garbo, Jean Harlow, Marlene Dietrich - Is Your Style Inspired by These Icons?

Hey Everyone,

Do you want to channel the look of your favorite vintage movie star?

Read on to determine which iconic lady is your style icon and how you can bring her look into the modern day.

Greta Garbo

Effortlessly Elegant

Silent film actress Greta Garbo always made a splash on screen. Off-screen, her style was distinct and truly spoke for itself. Her elegant fashion sense was decidedly modest, often featuring high necklines, long sleeves, and lots of volumes. Although her wardrobe is both simple and practical, it always conveyed a thoughtful elegance that transcends time and remains incredibly chic.

Greta Garbo was a fan of relaxed silhouettes and staple pieces that never go out of style. Pair a fitted turtleneck with a tailored, wide-legged trouser for a look that is eternally stylish. Add pieces like flats and a classic trench coat to truly impart Greta Garbo’s distinct polish on the entire look. When it comes to colors, keep everything neutral. Camel, Ivory, and Black colored often were worn by this style star.

Jean Harlow

Beautiful Bombshell

The always glamorous Jean Harlow had an unmistakable style that cemented her status as a silver screen starlet during the 1930s. Her iconic platinum blonde hair and curvaceous figure were only enhanced by her signature silky, slinky gowns, which gave her undeniable sex appeal. After all, the star of a movie called “Bombshell” better have the look to back up the title.

Play up your Jean Harlow sex appeal by wearing garments that are both sultry and sophisticated. Satin slip dresses are incredibly flattering while also maintaining at a bit of boudoir style. Dresses in a jersey, charmeuse, or crepe have slightly more structure, but will still hug your curves and play up your natural hourglass figure.

Marlene Dietrich

Delightfully Androgynous

Marlene Dietrich is an iconic actress from the 1930s. Her style was that of a sleek sophisticate, incorporating menswear pieces for a look that is as strong as it is feminine. Her and Katherine Hepburn were leading ladies who championed the idea of women wearing pants, a concept that was revolutionary and changed the way that we think about fashion.

If you consider Marlene Dietrich your style icon, a perfectly tailored pair of pants is key. Pair this structured menswear piece with soft and flirty items to enhance your femininity. A satin tank, t-strap heels, and satchel handbag will balance out your proportions. Don’t forget to add a stylish hat, which was Marlene Dietrich’s signature accessory.

Which iconic lady is your style icon and how you can bring her look into the modern day? 

Have a Great Day!



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  1. I am a die hard fan of Marlene Dietrich and her unisex styling. Her powerful persona did the wonders in bringing up the best of fashion and trend that can look stylish even today.

  2. These style icona really knew fashion well. I get so inspired watching females do such great work. Lovely post

  3. I love the boots tho, beautiful bombshell is somehwat a effortless plus hot style which enhance your best features

  4. What a visual treat to eyes! They were fashion icons, the simplicity with the pastels is worth accepting the trend till today 🙂
    I love flowy silhouettes too they suit every woman and shows her graceful nature.

  5. Jean Harlow’s style is what I most resonate with! Simple yet beautiful and easy going! Loved the post! ❤

  6. Ok I confess this was the first for me I don’t know any of these icons and I am in awe of the fashion of these starlets. Marlene Dietrich’s style is what I love the most but the style of these icons have stayed and you can call them trendsetters hands down!

  7. I’m not a Vintage look person but being a British national, I love the Hair Fascinator look worn by Greta Garbo. Here hair fascinator and statement hats are worn for weddings and Derby race day so it’s very British and still modern.

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