How to make cash from old gadget?#CleanUpCashOut

Hi, Guys and Gals

We all like getting the new iPad.


what to do with the old iPad ?

Well, I have a story to share on the old iPad.

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There is a vibration of sound. That’s the sound of my ipad. I could never live without my ipad connecting with people. During an urgent need would be able to contact at social life.

I’m moving on my way in an afternoon and someone hits me, what are you going to do if you can’t connect anyone and you are hurt. Emergencies happen every day that’s why an ipad is an important technology to me. When I lived without ipad  I, myself would have no social life. I need this technology in my life. Suddenly, my ipad fall on the ground and of no use.

Now, What I will do? How I deal my social life?
No idea! confused!

I talk of this to my near and dear ones. They have given a brilliant idea to sell iPad and get money in a simple and easy way. They told me of cashify. Cashify is the fastest and easiest way to sell old iPad instantly for cash. I sold my old iPad in 60 seconds for cash. Then, I bought a new iPad from other social platform. I was very happy and have my social life again.

How Cashify works?

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Cashify was quick, simple and easy. Pick-up service was fast.

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Get Your Device Price

Select your device & we’ll help you unlock the best selling price based on the present conditions of your gadget & the current market price.

Schedule a Free Pickup

On accepting the price offered for your device, we’ll arrange a free pick up.

Get Paid Instantly

Instant Cash will be handed over to you at pickup or through payment mode of choice.

Hence, Technology is important in my life. An iPad will always help me what’s trending, and also it keeps me social. Nobody could live without technology especially a cell phone/ iPad/Tablets/smartphone. Cashify helps me a lot in this.

A Big Applaud to Cashify!

Cashify #SellingSimplified

Use the coupon code CLEANCASH to get an additional Rs.250 on the sale of their gadgets.

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