Let’s explore eSaathi App -Review

To get started eSaathi App, set up blog site with eSaathi dashboard. Install and set up the eSaathi dashboard. If blog are self-hosted, install Jetpack.


Le’t have a look on eSaathi App process!

Features at a Glance


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Post Details

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Visitor Activity

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Topic Suggestion

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Basic Navigation


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Access other views from the menu. The name and URL of blog site should be shown at
the top of the menu.

Bottom Navigation Bar


We can quickly switch between views using bottom navigation bar.

Home View

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Visitor Activity Card

This shows the summary of visitor activity on blog site. Tapping on the card (square boxes) shows Visitor Activity view.

Topic Suggestion Card

This shows  topic suggestions related to blogging are available. Tapping on the card shows Topic Suggestion view.

Achievement Card

This shows the latest badge blog received with progress bar indicating how far
blog are from the next level. Tapping on the card shows Achievement view.

Achievements View 

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This shows the list of badges blog received. IN PROGRESS tab shows progress of each type of  badges for the current month.
Types of badges
1- Badges based on number of followers.
2- Badges based on number of page views, likes, unique visitors and posts this month.

Achievements View

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BADGES tab shows all the badges blog received by month.

Visitor Activity View

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1-Visitor Activity view shows various statistics of blog. We can change the range of stats

by selecting WEEK, MONTH, 3 MONTHS and YEAR tabs. Visitor Summary card shows

total value and chart of daily numbers of pageviews and visitors. If integrated with

Google Analytics, it can show breakdown of visitors by age or gender.

2- Traffic Source card shows the traffic to blog.

3- Google Search Queries card shows the list of queries done by users on Google, where

blog site was shown and/or clicked on search results. It shows queries along with

number of times users saw and visited blog  site on/from the search.

4- Top Posts card shows the top three posts in terms of number of views during the

specified period. For each post, the title, the URL, and the number of views are shown.

We can tap on the URL to open the post in the browser.

Topic Suggestion View

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1- In Topic Suggestion view, we will get Topic Suggestion cards based on the

categories you’ve selected during on boarding. A topic suggestion consists – a topic

that is relevant to one of the categories of blog site, and the number of searches done

in India for the past month. Example- popular queries related to the topic.

2- SAVED tab shows the suggestions have saved.

3- We can search new suggestions or saved suggestions using keyword search.

Post Details View

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1-Post Details view allows us to see per-post information in detail.

2- We can sort the post by the following criteria- Date (published date),  Last modified,

Page views, and Title (alphabetically).

3- By tapping on a card, the app shows detailed information about the post.

4- Google Search Status section shows the state of blog post with respect to Google. It

shows warnings when there’s an issue with the post.
Crawled- The post was crawled by Google
Indexed – The post has been indexed by Google
Shown on Google– The post appeared on search results of Google
Clicked on Google- The post received a click on search results of Google

Comments View

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Comments view shows the comments posted to blog. We can manage comments from the
view. Supported actions-

1- Approve / Unapprove
2- Move to trash
3- Mark as spam

Site Settings

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Site Settings show information about blog site, accounts, site categories,
and version. We can tap on Google Analytics section to integrate with Google
Analytics if we have it already set up for blog. We can tap on Site categories
section to change the categories of  blog.

1- Site settings shows information about blog site, accounts, site categories,

and version.

2- We can tap on “Site categories” to change the selection of the categories.

Category Selection

We can modify the set of categories for blog site in this view.

I will be writing this post for the eSaathi

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