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Consider lip liner for the pout. Not only will it make easier, a perfect lip liner will maintain lipstick in place and not it going all blurry and feathery. Creams are great for lips that are dry, or for those that may want to easily smudge the liner over lips for a stained effect.

I  hope you are looking beautiful today. My today’s review is a lip liner swatches from Miss Claire.  Miss Claire is not a new brand to me. I have come across many brands for cosmetics such as Maybelline, NYX, LAKME, MAC, Essence, ADS, and many more. I truly love the lip liner swatches. I’ve raved with Miss Claire Glimmersticks Lip liner Snow Pink for you all.  Thank you PIKREVIEW to give us such a wide range of cosmetic. Now, Get the perfect pout with the super dimensional finish. This glides smoothly on the lips.

Bring shape and balance to lips and increase the intensity of lip texture. Keep lipstick on all day with the best lip liner for lipstick, in both liquid and pencil form. Lip liner helps to achieve on-trend looks, such as two-tone and ombré styles. Everyone can use our long-wearing Slim Lip Liner, that glides on smooth and comes in a whopping shade. It works fabulously with all lips.

Miss Claire Glimmersticks For Lips is precise and long-lasting lip liners provide a perfect start to lip looks.  Lip liner is used to give a smooth shape. Effortlessly achieve long-lasting lip texture in a variety of moisturizing shades of lip liners for the perfect look.

Let us look how perfect  Miss Claire Glimmersticks For Lips!


Highlighting an entire wide range of face, lips and eyes cosmetics that are specially selected for you, To make your day and evening make-up a great pleasure. Miss Claire Cosmetics makes cosmetics with the highest care of skin. It comprises of the finest ingredients and strictly with European standards.

Miss Claire Glimmersticks For Lips

Treat your lips to smooth texture with this Miss Claire Glimmersticks for lips. These lip liner swatches have a superior staying consistency. This self-sharpening lip swatch offers a waterproof formula that blends easily and provides great definition to lips. It is easy to use. Glimmersticks lip swatches are perfect for defining your lip line also all-over lip shade.


  1. Has a  lacquered smooth texture.
  2. Highly Pigmented Formula.
  3. The glide-on formula doesn’t tug at your lips.
  4. Long Lasting shades.

HOW TO USE Miss Claire Glimmersticks For



Apply directly to lips, or over lipstick. Apply with lip liner to define the outline of lips.






INR 50 per stick


1.8 gms

Grab On!

It’s available on Nykaa


The Glimmersticks lip swatches are perfect. I got two lip liner of snow pink shades. The lip liner swatches have a silver cap which is quite tight. It gives a perfect definition to lips and this shade is snow pink which goes with every outfit. Line your lips starting in the center of your upper lip. This is affordable and superb and decent pigmented liner. It’s not only lip liner it’s a lipstick. They easily glide on Blends easily and great shade. It is the best glimmersticks for lips.

Pros Of Miss Claire Glimmersticks For Lips

  1. Very light and lacquered smooth texture.
  2. Smudge-proof once dried.
  3. Excellent pigmentation.
  4. They are color coded which makes them easier to differentiate and have shade names along with numbers.

Cons Of Miss Claire Glimmersticks For Lips

There are no cons associated with Miss Claire Glimmersticks For Lips.


The pigmentation of the Miss Claire Glimmersticks For Lips is perfect. It has a  lacquered smooth texture. I find the best lip liner Swatches that are close to my natural lip tone, It requires only 2 swipes to make it opaque. For more pigmentation let the first layer to dry and add another layer to make it look more vibrant and bright.  I’ve been using these lip liner swatches to give my pout a teensy bit of enhancement, and I swear it makes my face look more balanced. Highly recommend!

Be Stylish! Be Radiant!



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  1. Can’t agree more on this. I also have these lip liners in 10 different shades and I love them to the moon and back.

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