Stunning #TheBlindList – A Blind date with the world!

“We live in a wonderful world with full of beauty, charm, and thrill”.

Pack your bags and take the necessary accessories with you—except the best travel plan. You have the best adventure of your life.

Do you know? there is a thrill in not knowing where you are as the trip was the journey and the unplanned destination of it.

It is the thrill of discovery and the surprise.

The wonder of travel to be getting lost in the beauty of a place.

#TheBlindList – A Blind date with the world. Most of us fall in love with the World! It is like a dream to go on a blind date with the world. Suppose a travel inspiration– You know when you will be traveling, but don’t know where you will be going.

Don’t consider what others are thinking?  Explore new places, meet new people, embrace the world. #TheBlindList #SayYesToTheWorld. When we actually have an adventure trip that gives the real thrill and takes into a whole new world of excitement?

Many visitors are visiting worthy known places in the world. Dream an unplanned trip to an unknown place that are incredibly beauty of the world. The best places to visit are not scarce. Most of the cool places are unknown on Earth. Hence, if you’re planning a trip to explore the unknown destination. I have bucket list of the unknown places in the world.

Visby, Gotland, Sweden

                Image Source- Google

Visby is an incredible Old Town, fragrant rose gardens and impressive beauty of the beautiful Baltic Sea.

Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

                Image Source- Google

Among the best waterfalls in the world, none are quite as outstanding as those at Plitvice. The impressive view of the “series of waterfalls,” as this amazing natural beauty that is composed of 16 different terraced limestone lakes, with crystal clear flowing water.

St. Michael’s Mount, Cornwall, England

                Image Source- Google

Most of us known of Mount Saint Michel, Do you know of its English cousin? With its castle and gardens rising from the waters of Mount’s Bay, St. Michael’s Mount is a beloved Cornish gem.

Kakslauttanen Hotel, Finland

                Image Source- Google

The Arctic cold, stark landscapes, among unknown places is a pleasant surprise. This impressive hotel has a beautiful glass igloo in the middle of a forest, for the fascinating view of  Northern nights and their dancing lights.

Are you excited for the thrilling trip of the World?
Whenever you are sure to visit places that are impressive and beautiful. This enhanced our world so interesting and exciting. Are you ready to explore unknown places in the world?


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  1. What you have here is inspiring… inspiring because I feel like packing up and going out to embrace what the world has for me…plus the places mentioned are yet unexplored by many

  2. I also need to take an unplanned trip soon. I have always been travelling with Extras and I have like spares for everything in my luggage. Travelling with just basics may be a challenge but it will teach me how to act in emergency situations.

  3. Now this is really an interesting read Humaira. I have always planned my trips beforehand and try to double check everything before travelling. It would be interesting to try something totally different and go on an unplanned trip.

  4. Great entries that worked for me as travel inspiration although I am already going for one of these pretty soon. Yes going unplanned or rather without pre conceived thoughts is what I like while traveling.

  5. No doubt blind list is more intriguing than bucket list as we don’t know about the destination. I must say a blind date rejuvenate you as a person. Looks like you have enjoyed a lot on your trips.

  6. I love to travel and explore unknown places. I hope I can actually travel the world and explore these gorgeous places ypu have mentioned in your interesting article.

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