The Designer Blouses For Revamping Your Saree- SHOPPING TIPS

The Designer Blouses For Revamping Your Saree- SHOPPING TIPS

Hey Everyone,

Are you fond of stylish outlook?

Make sure that you don’t miss these styling tips! Well, you can thank me later, when I tell you all the details about what kind of blouse can work for your favourite saree and change the appeal of your look. I know that you own a pool of sarees that are hanging in your closet for years now. Pull them out from the shelf and make your own designer wear with trendy designer blouses.


Skipping straight to the designer blouse history, Right from the 90’s until this day, if you can just switch to watching movies and see that the sexiest costume of the entire century was a saree. The captivating elegance of a saree is indefinable. But your doubt’s are valid that how those gorgeous looking ladies look so ravishing and we, so ordinary. Well, let me tell you, my dear, that we channelize our focus mostly on the saree rather than putting a slight amount of time figuring out which designer blouse to choose to get the perfect combination. So, here it is the style decode for you to get the best look in the future. Scroll down to know more:


  1. Collared black printed blouse-

With a blouse, you can work out many looks. Like for instance, this classic black blouse can be paired with many designer sarees such as red, blue, green or a jet black saree with a simple border. You can mix and match to create your own look. Collard blouse can be used for formal events and outings. Also, this blouse is showcasing Kalamkari designs on the collar and the sleeves end.

  1. Maroon pure kalamkari blouse-

This blouse is exhibiting a tear-drop back design and collar. This intricate designer kalamkari work, printed by skilled artisans can be paired with a simple plain black saree. The blouse adds a complimentary contrast to any single coloured classic saree. This designer will help in making a simple look into an everlasting one.

  1. Blue bagru blouse with flared sleeves-

Tailored to perfection in a contemporary pattern, this blouse showcases a persona of modern ethnic fashion. This blouse can be paired up with any white; off white, blue and even grey can work the best with this blouse. Flared helps in elevating the look. The much in trend Pallazzo Sarees from the House of Rheson can also be an offbeat option to pair this kind of blouse. This will provide a touch of sophistication and elegance to your look.

  1. Maroon and grey ikat blouse with buttoned back-

The traditional community emerges to re-invent the boundaries of fashion with this elegant hand-woven blouse. This blouse also features a buttoned back which will add a classic style your look. You can pair this up with many of your sarees which are simple yet elegant in colour and designs.

We believe that a blouse can completely change the statement that you and your style projects. A blouse gives a definition of the saree and helps in building a style statement. You can even try full length, choose patterns with contrasting shades. Like I have mentioned earlier that with printed blouses you can either go for a simple saree or a printed one but try and see whether t suits your personality or not. Don’t be scared to experiment with the designer blouses.

Happy Shopping!


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  1. That’s true that designer blouse look attractive with simple saree and I like the flared sleeves and collared black printer blouse design very much

  2. Designer blouses can up the game and change the look of any basic saree! I always had a trouble buying designer blouses! Now I know where to get it from!

  3. Wow nice topic.. and on best time as its a start of festival season..Evey women will be in search of trendy style in indian wear. I liked the Blue bagru blouse with flared sleeve most.

  4. These are some really cool blouse designs. Some are such a statement that even if Saree is plain, it will stand out because of the stylish blouse. Thanks for sharing xx

  5. Can’t say how helpful this must’ve been for a saree wearing lady. Even though I don’t wear saree, I’m tempted to try it out with the bagru blouse 😍

  6. Blue bagru blouse with flared sleeves is so unique and smart. Saree look for graceful with this lovely designer blouse

  7. Investing in luxurious traditional Indian wear can possibly plant one in the centre of a catch-22 situation. You (understandably) want to get maximum wears out of your beautiful new buy; but you don’t want the naysayers to go all Regina George on you for “wearing the same silk sari two weddings in a row,” either.

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