#TheMagicalPot? What’s that!

Great day !

What’s Magical ?

Bigger, better and together !

It’s Blogbuddy 3.0 with Blogchatter.

Blogbuddy 3.0 with Blogchatter is a unique arena creating platform for bloggers  @kohleyedme @ruchis28 @omkarjc @rohank01 @humairasadaf_ @MasoomJethwa @AshwiniDodani @samjoths

That’s hold true and valued.

I had spare a lot of time with #BlogChatter in this october. I started blogging to share my ideas and experiences. I like different writing styles. I had came across numerous bloggers with #BlogChatter. Experiences with #BlogChatter is awesome and amazing.

Through my experiences and interactions with buddies @kohleyedme @ruchis28 @omkarjc @rohank01 @humairasadaf_ @MasoomJethwa @AshwiniDodani @samjoths

This is a time to spell our own ideas with Blogbuddy 3.0 with blogchatter.


#TheMagicalPot is a group of  8 members carried all fragrances. It is something more grand and learning experiences. Blogbuddy explore 8 bloggers in a group  #TheMagicalPot as a team task.

[email protected]kohleyedme @ruchis28 @omkarjc @rohank01 @humairasadaf_ @MasoomJethwa @AshwiniDodani @samjoths  gives us memorable and pleasant experiences. We grasp and appreciate each other. They are helping each other with satisfaction. They are loyal support for each other. They are diamond in the big crowd of people. Getting such buddies @kohleyedme @ruchis28 @omkarjc @rohank01 @humairasadaf_ @MasoomJethwa @AshwiniDodani @samjoths  is very hard to find.

Some memories that stick out the most is my blogbuddy experience. Blogbuddy is my best buds. It is the craziest experience shared with buddies @kohleyedme @ruchis28 @omkarjc @rohank01 @humairasadaf_ @MasoomJethwa @AshwiniDodani @samjoths



Blogbuddy along with myself and my teammates are best. It was putting them together that there are come up with their ideas and experiences. These are shared with buddies  @kohleyedme @ruchis28 @omkarjc @rohank01 @humairasadaf_ @MasoomJethwa @AshwiniDodani @samjoths as a fabulous teammates.

I am a Blogbuddy with Blogchatter.

I am a precious gem of #TheMagicalPot

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