Welcome 2017!

As 2016 has passed away and 2017 has arrived on a pleasant sunday. A new year with new desires, dreams, plans and so on.

Let’s celebrates New year with a new beginning !

First of all, May all have a happy and properous New year 2017!


We every day plan to grab is a dream. I resolute to write a blog post with regularity and creativity. I continued to interact and write for the blogging community. I had received 594 hits and desired to be increased more. I grabed 3113 tweets in the previous year. May this year, I will be reached more.


It is very delightful to be received more likes and comments on my Blog. I liked to design my blog. I dreamed to have my blog brand. I write on diverse themes/prompts for blogging community. I liked to received opinions for my blog. But I followed that opinion that is better for me and rest the story. I don’t ever desired to be wild for success. As I know that success is given by my almighty who poured it in my hand. I prayed that my success and progress will be continued forever.


Welcome 2017 with lots of desires to be fulfilled.

Happy New Year to near and dear ones!

BlogTogether Blogbetter!


I will be writing this post for the #Blogchatter #Dailychatter #UBC  #ClickandBlogAStory #TheMagicalPot


‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’

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  1. Welcome 2017!! My newsfeed was filled with negative comments about how horrible 2016 was. I don’t think like that. Some negative things happened but so did many positive things. I approach each new year with hope.

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