What are my three wishes? Have a glance!

What are my three wishes? Have a glance!


My wishes hope to become true. If I had three wishes to become true, seems to be magical sprinkles all around.

Here a glimpse!


First of all, I want to live a life as a fairy. I would have a lot of opportunities as a princess. I like to have gorgeous dresses to wear, delicious food to eat, new ideas to discover and many more.I want that there should be numerous opportunities in which I would be decided to have it or not.


Secondly, I desire to be full of brave and confident in my life. I would handle each and every task with confidence in achieving whatever I want. I want to strive for success in my work and in the future.

Thirdly, I wish to have the ability to spread happiness to people around me if they like me. I would definitely be happy when I achieve whatever I have desired to be. Whatever it may be, I would like to spare it with the people who are nearer and dearer to me.


I would like to pray to god as I feel these above mentioned three wishes are what I need to be successful in life. These wishes are not limited, as there are many more wishes to become true.

I will be writing this post for Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda


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