What Are Your Routine Car Maintenance Tips?

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Are you find difficulty in the best maintenance of the Car for you?

If yes,

Follow our tips and tricks to maintain the car model suits your budget, need, and persona. We can maintain by experience the car, have a drive, and secure expenses also. If you aspire to reduce expenses on the car and to ensure it is protected from any kind of leakage would be a top most priority. Regular service and maintenance is the best way to keeping the car running well and maintaining the car.

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Let’s have a take on the tips and tricks for the maintaining of the car!

Routine Car Maintenance Tips-

  1.  Wash the car regularly every week to remove dirt.
  2. When there is oil leakage in the car, make sure the car in good working condition and fix the leakage as early as possible.
  3. Use regularly a tire-pressure gauge to check inflation pressure of each tire and spare in a month.
  4. Check rubber boots known as CV boots on the drive axles. When dirt, cut, cracked, or leaking contaminates the CV joints change as it leads to very expensive.
  5. Examine the rusted exhaust system and remove if required. Be careful with changes in the exhaust sound while driving that needs to change the entire exhaust system.
  6. Check and service the brakes system twice in a year. Remove any excess linings and rotors in a very pathetic condition.
  7. Wash the outer-radiator with a detergent solution and remains with a soft brush.
  8. Check the transmission dipstick, power-steering-pump dipstick and the leakage in the brake-fluid reservoir.
  9. Examine the battery’s terminals and cables without any rusting. Check the fluid of the battery caps in a month.
  10. Remove the drive belts and hoses as it appears to be noisy in two-three years.


                             Tell me your tips for the maintenance of the car!


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  1. Routine car maintenance is very important for long life of the car! You have shared really good tips that will help a lot of car owners

  2. I love driving and often miss out on these minute details when it comes to taking care of my car.. Thanks for the reminder. Love the tips.

  3. Wow some real comprehensive list on dos of car maintenance. I agree regular maintenance is key to longevity of the car. Checking cars. Com now

  4. Great tips, most of us love driving but when it comes to maintaining its health we somewhere lose it outright! Thanks for reminding

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