What I think about Karenjit Kaur-The Untold Story Season 2

Are you in favour of dating someone you love, for a successful relationship?

Dating someone you love can be exciting, but don’t ignore the needs of a relationship. You can have a happy relationship with anyone in your life. While women are mostly concerned about their relationship status, it is extremely important for all women – be it married, or single, to be financially independent. Be so independent that you don’t need permission from anyone to do anything. Enjoy your freedom until you feel the need of being married. We need independent and empowered women like Sunny Leone to reach new heights in life.

After the super success of Karenjit Kaur: The Untold Story of Sunny Leone – season one, the ZEE5 Originals, released the trailer for the second season of the series. Sunny Leone is back! If you liked her as Karenjit, you will love her as Sunny. The web series captures the life of Sunny from being an adult entertainer to a Bollywood star. The series also reveals her professional and personal life.

What’s in store ahead

Karenjit Kaur: The Untold Story of Sunny Leone season 2  continues to show the ‘real’ story of her life, from being a lovable kid ‘Gogu’ to a successful movie star. The trailer highlights Sunny’s beginning as a superstar and her relationship with her parents. There is an emotional scene of  Sunny Leone with her mother(an alcoholic) and father. Unfortunately, her mother who gets into a car crash and there is a recap of her criticizing Sunny for her choice of profession. There’s focus on her professional growth where Sunny takes steps towards building a business, as well. Finally, my personal favourite moment from season two –  her wedding with her husband Daniel Weber. The series mainly shows how women can grow and become independent with persistence and determination.

At the end of the trailer, Sunny Leone’s father supports her daughter that it doesn’t matter to him how the world sees her, to him she will be forever his ‘Gogu’(Sunny Leone’s nickname).

My Verdict

After the success of the first season, the second season continues to explore Sunny’s past, further revealing her professional and personal life. The struggle that we witness in the series makes us respect her and love her as a person. In short, she is definitely an independent and empowered woman who can be an inspiration to everyone.


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  1. First season was a big hit and the next season will be! Zee5 is doing fabulous job really. They have all masala to cook a yummy dish and people are enjoying it.

  2. I have loved Sunny since I first saw her in big boss! She has a really kind and beautiful personality! I watched the first season and loved it! Gonna watch the second season too!

  3. I am soon catching up on this film..I recall once I had an opportunity to interview Sunny Leone for her upcoming film when I was with Zee and she is such an affable person that I am sure to watch this.

  4. Sunny Leone lifestory is so inspiring and indeed she’s real hero to fight against all odds. The series sounds great depicting her life Beautifully. Would love to watch this series on Zee5

  5. You are making me so intrigued by the way you explain it, that there’s no points for guessing that I’m certainly going to be hooked on this series!

  6. I’m so impressed with the story of Karenjeet Kaur- The untold story! Most people know only about her reel life and may not connect emotionally before watching this one. I’m sure this will change the perspective of people. Also , it is essential to be independent before getting into a relationship.

  7. I have had a lovely experience interacting with Sunny Leone once and since then my interest is piqued. Wikipedia offers not much Abt her life. This series sure does. Checking it out.

  8. Sunny Leone life story is very inspiring. Indeed she’s a strong woman. This series sounds interesting to have a closer at her successful Journey

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