When Do Babies Roll over? – Mama Earth Easy Tummy Roll On!

Does baby have tummy problems?

When your tot’s tummy is upset, it could be a tummy ache. Pay attention to when baby feels uncomfortable. Babies with gas or an upset stomach will be uncomfortable but usually, don’t need medical attention. Stomach pain and gas in infants include colic, reflux, etc. Babies suffering from gas problems is a major concern since their digestive system is under-developed. There is not so worry for babies tummy ache. Mamaearth’s Easy Tummy Roll On relieves the pain of babies as parents facing colic and indigestion of babies. It is effective in helping babies to sleep peacefully.


Let’s have a glimpse of Mama Earth Easy Tummy Roll On!


Mama Earth Easy Tummy Roll


Mamaearth’s Easy Tummy Roll On is best for the babies tummy discomfort relieves as parents facing colic and indigestion of babies. It is effective in helping babies to sleep peacefully. It comprises hing oil that is known for its ability to reduce reflux that is formed in the stomach. It has a blend of essential oils like fennel oil, peppermint oil, ginger oil and dill seed oil that gives relief from stomach aches and bloating. It is 100% natural with no preservatives, alcohol or any other harmful chemicals.



Mama Earth Easy Tummy Roll

On Ingredients

Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides, Olive Oil, Hing Oil, Dill Seed Oil, Fennel Oil, Peppermint Oil, Ginger Oil.

How to use Mama Earth Easy

Tummy Roll On?

Apply directly on stomach around the naval area. Apply every 20-30 minutes until symptoms subside and then every couple of hours as needed till the baby gets better.

Price Tag

249 INR


40 ml

Baby Age

3+ months


Grab On!

It is available on mamaearth.in

My Take

Great! Mama Earth Easy Tummy Roll On for all kinds of babies tummy troubles.The fragrance is amazing. When baby facing stomach aches frequently. After all the usual remedies, these are routine pains, requiring a bit of sympathy. Then, I use Mama Earth Easy Tummy Roll On. I roll this around on belly and about 15-20 min later feeling much better. Excellent for stomach pain!

Pros Of Mama Earth Easy

Tummy Roll On

  1. It is beneficial for children’s tummy issues like indigestion, colic, acid reflux etc.
  2. Hing Oil with Ginger Oil soothes stomach pain and bloating.
  3. It provides a soothing effect on baby’s skin.
  4. It is easy to carry.
  5. Free of Petroleum, Mineral Oil, Alcohol, Synthetic Perfumes, SLS, Artificial Preservatives.
  6. It is Made Safe certified and dermatologically tested.


Cons Of Mama Earth Easy

Tummy Roll On

There are no cons associated with Mama Earth Easy Tummy Roll On.







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  1. I didnt know about this mamaearth product…my kid has stomach problem and a roll on can create magic right? I know this brand’s products are really good. So will buy for sure!

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