WhiteCub To Create A Dairy Free Vegan Ice Cream On DelhiPedia

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Today, I’m talking about the world of exploring new things in India.To which city food you are interested? Here, I’m taking to you to explore the world of desserts. Now, Let’s have the glimpse of  India’s first Vegan Ice Cream maker WhiteCub is dedicating one Ice Cream to DelhiPedia. DelhiPedia is the video based experiential guide on Delhi.

Have a glance on  White Cub ice-creams –

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White cub has decided to take this initiative after Delhipedia backed White Cub’s Crowd funding campaign in the Catapooolt Changemakers Contest 2017. CATAPOOOLT is the most rewarded and industry-backed crowd funding platform of India during which start-ups will launch their crowd funding campaigns and compete with each other to make it to the grand finale.

The most prominent personality of DelhiPedia is the Arjun Pandey. He is the Founder of DelhiPedia. He has been given the verdicts that the White Cub ice-creams have been created to fill the gap of no ‘Ice-cream’ in the Indian market for people looking for dairy free and healthy alternatives and DelhiPedia aims to spread the word across Delhi for the launch of ice-creams especially for Delhizens through the limited edition tubs specifically created for us. 

White Cub ice-cream will be beneficial to the people whose preference are Lactose Intolerant enjoy ice-creams.

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Features are-

  1. It is Vegan, Dairy and Gluten free.
  2. It is certified from FRAC, FICCI Research Analysis Centre.
  3. The ice-creams do not contain hydrogenated fats or trans fats. 

White Cub will not only benefit from funds raised through Crowd funding during this competition but also in the way of  Market Validation, Marketing Buzz, Media Coverage from Partners and Community Building. White Cub has the company namely Compassionate Choices Pvt Ltd is offering people food choices that may be compassionate to their own health and to the environment and its life forms. White Cub along with ice-creams also makes some other Dairy free foods as well like Yogurts, Milk, Bakery, etc. 

About DelhiPedia

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 DelhiPedia has grown at a rapid pace with more than 800,000 Facebook followers and these followers are growing day by day. DelhiPedia is an online portal allows viewers such as travelers, explorers, and youngsters. Viewers have the virtual tours through  3 to 5 minutes videos and share their experience through various platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram. DelhiPedia covers all aspects starting from heritage monuments, bazaars, thriving cultural scene, to platefuls of delicious food of the city to bring Delhiites together. DelhiPedia’s YouTube channel has the true essence of Delhi alive and its magnificent culture. DelhiPedia is an audio visual encyclopedia of the Delhi city. It is a one-stop solution for anyone visiting the city. If you have the desire to explore the unexplored treasure, the DelhiPedia team created videos and uploaded them on DelhiPedia’s YouTube channel and built a successful community on Facebook. The idea is to bring in some ‘fun’ element and at the same time, help people discover places of interest.


About WhiteCub

The journey started by a parlor/kiosk format has presently supplied the ice-creams to different retail stores across 4 cities of India- Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chennai. White Cub encourages people to leave smaller carbon footprints, its ingredients are gentler than the other ice-creams animal –derived ones on Mother Earth. WhiteCub has won PETA Vegan Food Awards for two consecutive years. Recently, it’s also bagged Government of India’s Department of Science and Technology’s Grant of Excellence Award 2017. 


It’s available at  White Cub Ice Cream



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If you have a desire to explore Delhi, then Delhipedia is the perfect answer. So, what are you are waiting for come on DelhiPedia to know India’s beautiful capital city – New Delhi.

Indulge! It’s Good for you.

DelhiPedia Rocks!

I will be writing this post for the White Cub

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