Why Do We Love Perfume?- Perfume Selfie

Hey Gorgeous,

Do you love perfume fragrances?

If yes,

Everyone loves a good fragrance for more fresh and better outlook. We use perfect perfume fragrances to keep smelling fresh throughout the day. We usually need to spray the deodorants and perfumes. When I  received the Perfume Selfie box by PerfumeBooth was excited. We all like perfumes fragrances of different varieties.  Perfume Booth has the international perfume along with a perfume selfie. The brand has launched new perfume selfie to enjoy 7 fabulous perfumes. It is easy-to-carry and looks smart and attractive!


Must have Perfume Booth Selfie Sophistique Women!


Perfume Booth Selfie Sophistique Women

Women made to bow down in respect. She is elegant and worthy. She is ‘Sophistique’ that makes her a queen of her universe. Perfume Selfie is a perfect concept that comprises 7 varied  International Perfumes fragrances. All perfumes are from different International brands. Perfume Selfie gives the best option for perfume every day to have different fragrances everyday for different occasions. Each Perfume Selfie comes with 7 Different International Perfumes, a Perfume Selfie Case/holder and many more.


  1. It contains 7 International Perfumes, and Perfume Selfie Case/holder.
  2. There are 7 variant perfume fragrances.
  3. Perfume Selfie Case to carry perfume in a pocket or wallet.
  4. EDT/EDP.

Attractive 7 International Perfume!

The perfume selfie has seven varied International brands fragrances. It has a higher concentration of perfume oil in it. The fragrances are better than Deodorants and long- lasting. It has the following 7 variant and Perfume Selfie Case/holder-


Emper Urban Woman

Chris Adams Dreamz Woman

Chris Adams True Reflections

Lomani Paris white

Creation Jasmine Noir

Maryaz Larc Premio

Louis Cardin Compassion

Perfume Selfie Case

Perfume Selfie Case is the best-designed case used to carry perfume and look stylish. It is small in size to fit in the pocket and perfectly big to fit in the palm of our hands to spray perfectly. The Perfume Selfie gives the better alternatives to change perfume every day. It has easy to carry case. The carry case is so smart to fit in our pocket.


28 ml

Price Tag

475 INR

Grab On!

It is available on perfumebooth.com


We loved the entire concept and all the fragrances are superb! We can carry perfume selfie anywhere and has 7 fragrances. I got a genuine perfume collection. The box has the fresh and sophisticated miniature scents of international brands. The perfume selfie comes in a fabulous cylindrical box with the 4ml each 7 different international perfumes, Perfume selfie holder. Perfume Selfie to puts the perfume to elegance!

Pros Of Perfume Booth Selfie

Sophistique Women

  1. 7 International Perfumes
  2. Perfume Selfie Case or holder easy to carry.
  3. High Concentrated perfumes
  4. Excellent Packaging.

Cons Of Perfume Booth Selfie

Sophistique Women

There are no cons associated with the Perfume Booth Selfie Sophistique Women.





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  1. I really love the travel friendly packaging of the perfume tubes. So convenient to carry around and ideal to just drop into the bag whenever required.

  2. The concept of putting out a collection of travel size perfumes is quite unique. Loved the idea. And for this price, it’s a steal I must stay. Will definitely check them out.

  3. I have heard a lot about this brand.. I wanted to try it. It look soo much travel friendly.. and cost effective as well

  4. Perfume Booth Selfie Sophistique Women has caught my attention . it is so attractive and so easy to carry

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