Why do you need self-respect?



Everyone desires to be respected in the society. Self-respect is weak as others criticise or speak behind our backs, and react to them.

Our self-respect assumed the opinions of others but neglect that every person will have a different opinion.We can never think about other’s opinion as are not knowing about to their thinking. When we tried to know about others thinking but they are not to have their opinion.


Why should we allow their opinion to affect our self-respect and lose our stability?

So, never worried about what others think of you. When you know who you are and your true self. Then, there is not to depend on the opinion of others.

Every person taught how to respect others.

Can we teach yourself how to respect?

Well, No one.

There is a lack harmony.Lack of self-respect has been due to disharmony and negativity.To gain self-respect necessity is to be stable and positive. Then, there would be no ‘tit for tat’ attitude, no misunderstandings, and no disharmony.

To strengthen self-respect is to practice respecting others whether what they are like or what they are up to. We are creating respect within ourselves for the self by doing this.


I will be writing daily for the NaBloPoMo and this is my post for day 17

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