What are the different Dahi culture ?

What are the different Dahi culture ?

Which Dahi contains what benefits?

Dahi or yogurt comprises health-improving bacteria.

Here is your ultimate yogurt-

Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt is a thicker and strained Dahi. This kind of yogurt is sweetened, eat as a side dish or mid-meal snack.

Sweetened yogurt

Sweetened yogurt has add-on benefits of yogurt. The healthiest way to sweeten yogurt is to mix chunks of fruits or add honey to it. Gently fold the fruit in it and don’t blend.


It is neither Dahi or yogurt. It is fermented milk. It is a gut-benefiting and maintains the digestive ecosystem.

Packaged Dahi

Packaged Dahi uses a different culture and technique. It is easy to carry all around.

Frozen yogurt

It is healthier than a high fat. It is a low-calorie benefit. Don’t add the variety of flavors to it.

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