38% People Have Symptoms of Mental Health Difficulties, Require Immediate Professional Advice.


38% of the people shows mental health difficulties and require medical assistance for the well-being of their mental health. A survey reveals conducted by Cosmos Institute of Mental health And Behavioral Sciences and LiveHindustan.com on UC Browser.

The survey was to create awareness of mental health issues and existing risks. It was conducted during the last week of November and over 50,000 participants.The participants had to respond to 10 questions, especially designed by CIMBS, in order to test the mental health risks of users. This was conducted on UC Browser that has the strength of its user to attain maximum participation.  The platform uses latest big data technology to personalize the homepage of each user, as per their interest area. Participation in the survey was made easy it was shared on a mobile phone, a personal device having exclusive access to the user only.

“With the rising prevalence of mental illnesses, the society’s focus needs to shift on not just treating these disorders but also to effectively detect them at an early stage and also towards promoting mental health.” said Dr.Sameer Kalani, Consultant Psychiatrist, New Delhi.r. 

Only 8% people showed not having any symptoms of mental health difficulties.

The survey proved that 52% people showed signs of mental disorders. Moderate changes in health and lifestyle may help in some cases, if the symptoms persist for a long time or impact one’s quality of life, one may need to consult a mental health professional for assessment and help at the earliest.

RS Sharma, Business Head, LiveHindustan.com said, “We are delighted to participate with UC Browser for such reader-oriented campaigns. We will be happy to be part of such campaigns in future as well.”


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