Baby’s Colic- How to soothe your baby?

Are you struggling to calm a colic baby?


When your baby is crying continuously, then it could be colic. Baby having colic can make parents feel helpless. The crying of a colic baby often seems discomforting and intense for parents. If you think the baby has colic, start by having a GP check of the baby. The movement and closeness of a baby to a parent can soothe babies. It’s hard to soothe or settle your baby as they clench their fists and got redness in the face.

If you are the parent of a colic infant, you are probably overwhelmed, exhausted, and finding for solutions. An infant with colic cries for more than three hours per day. Infants with colic are impossible to soothe. While some people think that gas may be to reason for colic. How to soothe a colic baby is the main question any new parent asks when they’re struggling to baby’s sleep?  To make treatment of colic emphasis on making the baby as comfortable. The herbs in gripe water help with digestion, this remedy is thought to help with colic caused by gassiness.

Mother Sparsh Tummy Roll On

Mother Sparsh has launched an ayurvedic tummy roll on with a combination of hing oil and saunf Oil that provides relief to infants and children with respect to stomach discomforts. Mother Sparsh has developed bay care products with Ayurveda.  Mother Sparsh has developed 100% ayurvedic Tummy Roll-On that is made up of the combination of different natural oils such as hing oil and saunf oil to treat colic and indigestion in babies. It has 5 Oils that provides relief from stomach discomforts caused due to gas, acidity, and indigestion in infants and children. Hing Oil has antiseptic and antibacterial properties to reduce acid reflux and constipation. The fennel oil has anti-colic properties to reduce stomach bloating, gas and also helps the baby to burp.

How to use Mother Sparsh Tummy Roll On?

Apply directly on the stomach around the naval area.

My Take

Mother Sparsh products are always the best.I have received the Mother Sparsh Infant care Kit. It comprises of water wipes and tummy roll-on. Mother’s Sparsh tummy roll-on is all natural essential oil solution to children’s tummy problems especially gas related problems like indigestion and Colic. It consists of Hing and saunf oil. It is very easy to use and easy to carry in anywhere when traveling with your little one. It is a blessing to the baby to relieve her from a tummy ache.  It really soothes the baby.  Its usage is easy. The packaging is perfect. Highly Recommend.


Availability & Price Tag

Grab On-Mother Sparsh & Amazon

Kit – Mother Sparsh Infant Care Kit

Price Tag-

Water Wipes quantity – 2 packs of Mother Sparsh 98% water wipes (80 wipes each)

Tummy Roll-On quantity – 40 ml of the Mother Sparsh Tummy Roll-On.

Benefits of Mother Sparsh Tummy Roll On!

  1. It gives relief from colic, indigestion, and constipation.
  2. It cures abdominal pain, constipation, and upset stomach.
  3. It is natural and free from toxins.
  4. It is safe to use on babies sensitive skin.
  5. The packaging is very good.
  6. Wipes are clinically proven for preventing rashes

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