Fear is the Key is a young age adult novel by Juggi Bhasin. The novel is about the two friends and a girl. Fear is the Key to face the world. The book laid emphasis on a person suffering from multiple schizoid personality disorder. Rahul Abhyankar and Suhel Bagga are like brothers since college days. They started a digital infoinment site called Yummimages. It has been a hell of a tough week at Yummimages, with controversies and political wracking the office. Rahul Abhyankar, Managing Director, plans a party to settle issues between Simone de’ Costa, Chief Content Officer, his fiancee – to- be and Suhel Bagga, Deputy Managing Director, and close friend. When the party was in full swing, Rahul Abhyankar searching for Simone de’ Costa, but she nowhere to be found. As all investigations came to naught, he takes the matters into his own hands and has a few suspects lined up. But the reality of the truth can be so twisted, so bizarre and unbelievable.

Rahul Abhyankar and Suhel Bagga are graduated from IIT Delhi. Both are opposite to each other. Rahul has never enjoyed his life since childhood whereas Suhel has fun by going to the events. Rahul was destined to be billionaire.

The story begins with Rahul Abhyankar and Suhel Bagga has started Yummimages during winter night at Gurugaram near Delhi. It is a content-based infoinment site that exposes the truth on social media. Meanwhile, Yummimages has faced political issues and sort it. Simone exposed Suhel for unfair means at the office meeting. Rahul plans a party to settle disputes between both of them and engagement at his apartment. When the party is in full swing, Rahul and Simone were at the balcony and Simone left him and found nowhere in the apartment. All the police investigation was held by Kripal and failed to find her. Rahul has gone to jail and released. The reality of the truth is twisted and unbelievable. Fredo, Usman, and Dubey searching for Simone. Rahul revealed the truth to Tanya, Psychiatric Doctor. Tanya analyses that he has a multiple schizoid personality disorder. Rahul has invited suspects as investor’s meet at his apartment. He transfers Simone’s picture from suspects cellphone and made fake group id. He has shots, Fredo, Usman and Dubey pleaded for life to him. He forced Dubey to kill his wife Janki and also shot him. Then, he informed the Police and Suhel of murders. He has a platform that moves on levers at the touch of the button and moves to glass cage loaded with aerosol spray and freeze. Simone has washed his face and moved to the bedroom with darkness. Rahul has killed Simone, Tanya, and Kripal in his bedroom. He has shifted his office from Gurugaram to Chennai.

The book is an interesting and impressive novel. It binds reader till last. Words have a powerful impact. It has glamour, glitz, and mystery as the Bollywood movies essence. It gives a sturdy message. It gives a genuine vision towards life.

About The Author

Juggi Bhasin was one of the first television journalists in India. He has worked with Doordarshan News and Lok Sabha Television as a reporter and anchor. Among the first Indian journalists to go to North Korea, covered Kashmir and other areas. He is the creator of the graphic novel Agent Rana that appears in a major national daily.

Release: December 2017
Genre: Fiction/Thriller
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