Women’s Day  is celebrated  on 8th March every year in India. It is an acknowledging  day of respect, achievement and gratitude  towards women. Women resemblance as  mothers, wives, daughters and so on received  greeting cards and gifts on this  special day. There is a national holiday in many countries.

Women’s Day is a special event to give respect to whole women fraternity.  Women are the mainstream of the society. They also has a great role in the economic, political, and social activities. There is a social gathering on this auspicious day.

Women is like a beautiful creation of the God!

Sentiments are expressed towards women. Proverbs and poems are composed to admired women. Women  are glorified to a level of being honored, awarded, and acknowledged. Their contributions towards life ,society, family, work, her strength and sacrifice. They are equally responsible for all  a woman has to face.  We can encourage the ladies , sisters, and wives to  excel in their life and career.

This special day is really awesome!

Encouraging  women achieve the best, appreciating the efforts and helping a woman at home. A woman should believe in herself and increase her self-confidence through some important decisions and  feel safe.

I would like to gratitude acknowledge my mother, my dad, my brother and sister. Their role in supporting me, developing my confidence. Women are still be able to stand and face life courageously with enthusiasm and a smile.

Women are forward to be strong, independent women. Develop a  great self -esteem and believing in ones self.

That’s all  for  this auspicious and  special event / day- WOMEN’S DAY!


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  1. Women influence our life in every era. Lucky you surrounded by so many adorable womens who transform you in the strong women what you are today.Thanks for linking

  2. It’s nice to know there’s a day honoring women. The closest thing I’ve experienced here, in the US, is Mother’s Day.

    Thank you for sharing that information m

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