#FirstTimeMom with the newborn baby must have Mother Sparsh’s #FirstWaterWipes

Are you feeling worried out now you’re going to be a mum?

Having a baby is a daunting experience—no matter how much you are concerned with it?  It is no surprise that a lot of new moms feel like Mother and baby can take a nap at the same time. Today, I have come across Mother Sparsh India’s First Water Wipes for the #FirstTimeMom experience. If you’re a first-time mom wondering what to expect, this #FirstTimeMom is for you!


How did it feel when you held your

baby for the first time?                                    

What does it feel like when you see and hold your baby for the first time?


When a baby is born, newly mommies felt like a first-time mom. She always desires a baby’s birth to be a good experience! It was so lovable feeling as a newborn was back in her arms. This is the first moment when she saw her little champ. It’s the moment when it really hits you that you’re now a mum! This baby had made her a mother, yet she had no idea how to be loved him. At first, she couldn’t keep her eyes away from him. It was like to stroke her knuckle across newborn’s cheek. Holding little champ for the first time is to be one of life’s most precious moment.

Now, Have a glimpse of another first-time experience that is as precious as to that the first time when you held your child.

My first-time experience with #FirstWaterWipes

Water wipes by Mother Sparsh

When we all the mothers enter the world of motherhood, we have a bonding with our babies that goes on with Mother Sparsh India’s #FirstWaterWipes. This is so special bonding of #FirstTimeMom with the baby. Newly mommies most probably require soft and delicate Mother Sparsh India’s #Firstwaterwipes for cleaning every minute during the beginning days of newborn baby care. These wet wipes are Mom and Baby friendly. These wipes are convenient and easier for mums for their hectic days. Baby’s gentle and delicate skin wants the purest care. These water wipes are different from polyester wipes. It is also used to wipe face. MOTHER SPARSH WATER WIPES are absolutely best in keeping mom and baby comfortable and happy.

When cleaning little champ’s bumps after changing the diaper, Moms should use Mother Sparsh India’s #FirstWaterWipes instead of cloths. To clean the cloth and used again contains germs that could lead to rashes and allergies. Mother Sparsh water-based wipes contain 98% water to provide the best of cleaning without causing any rashes.

Mother Sparsh Water Wipes are mostly concerned with the baby’s health and hygiene, especially for the baby’s delicate skin. These water wipes comprise 98% water. These water wipes are as good as pure water and cotton that provide gentle moisture to babies. Mother Sparsh Water Wipes contains gripe water for the colic relief. It has India’s First Gripe Water without sodium bicarbonate/baking soda and sucrose. These water wipes are gently cleansed baby’s soft and delicate skin. Mother Sparsh Water Wipes are Best for Preventing Diaper Rashes. These water wipes are as good as cotton and pure water. These wipes are cruelty-free, paraben free and best for the babies. Thus, Mother Sparsh Water Wipes keeps our baby comfortable, happy and smiling.

Moms usually prefer Mother Sparsh India’s #FirstWaterWipes to take care of Kid’s hygiene. We are overwhelmed by the benefits of Mother Sparsh water wipes-

  1. These water wipes contain 98% water as newborn delicate skin needs to clean with pure water and cotton.
  2. It is suitable and safe for the newborn.
  3. It prevents rashes and infections on the soft and delicate baby’s skin.
  4. It has enriched natural care with aloe vera and vitamin E, PH balanced, and extra moisture.
  5. These wipes are Hypo-allergenic (Non-allergenic) absolutely safe for baby’s supple, soft and delicate skin.

This post has been sponsored by Mother Sparsh but the opinions are quite personal.







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  1. I am a mother that trusts mothersparsh. Their litmus test won me long time ago. This is such a well crafted piece. First times are always spl esply when we become a mom ♥️

  2. As a mother, I believe in giving the best and most gentle thing to my son..I too use mother sparsh wipes for my son..

  3. I am also a first time mom and can totally relate with this. I also agree that Mother sparsh wipes are so gentle and kind to baby’s skin. I trust the brand for my child’s skin.

  4. Mother sparsh water wipes are the best and I’m so happy I’m using it for my kid. I wish I had known this when my first child was a baby

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