Say No Plastic With EcoRight Bags!

With all these pollution and degradation that plastic is responsible for, more and more people are ditching the plastic and replacing them with eco-friendly cotton tote bags. But it is a common perception that Eco-friendly bags are too simple and not stylish. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way now that you have EcoRight.

EcoRight brings you super stylish cotton tote bags and jute bags in awesome designs. So you don’t have to compromise in style while going green. These bags are durable, light and affordable. Made from fabrics such as canvas, cotton and jute, one EcoRight bag can save about 100 plastic bags. These also double as best shopping bags and grocery bags. We believe in sustainable fashion.

Eco Right

EcoRight goes way beyond just making Eco-friendly bags. All the products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art, ethically audited facility ensuring the processes conform to the highest social, legal and environmental standards.

Let’s have a look at their exclusive range of tote bags. These are lightweight, durable, washable, reusable, and perfect for shopping and running errands.

Eco Right Gusset Tote Bag,

Superhero – Natural


The gusset tote bag is perfect for the daily routine shopping. This reusable bag is very spacious. It has a gusset that can carry more than 10kg of weight with ease. This bag is made from a sturdy 10oz cotton canvas. It is washable and reusable. This is an open closure bag with tape handles. This bag has an eco-friendly dyes and inks prints.

Eco Right Juton Large Zipper Tote

Bag, Cotton Pattern – Off-white


The Juton Tote bag comprises of the special combination of Jute and Cotton. This bag has a high-quality pattern with the sturdiness of Jute with the softness of Cotton. The fabric is ultra-durable, 100% reusable and biodegradable. This bag is best for the daily routine needs. This bag fabric is made from a sturdy 12 oz. There are a zipper closure and pocket on the inside. The dykes and ink-prints are eco-friendly as well.

Why you prefer Eco Right Tote


Eco Right Tote Bags are eco-friendly. I prefer these bags by considering the following benefits-

  1. These bags are affordable, natural, reusable and eco-friendly.
  2. They are made from durable fabrics to last long.
  3. Made of natural fabrics like cotton and Jute. These are 100% biodegradable and does not harm the environment like plastic.
  4. These bags are made with the highest quality manufacturing processes and can carry around 10 Kg of weight inside.
  5. These bags consist of biodegradable packaging ensuring no plastic is involved, however.

My Take

Amazing! Thank you Eco Right for the beautiful sets of Tote bags. These bags are spacious and good looking. The size of these bags is a perfect standard size. Best packaging ever! Not to mention this beautiful note I received with the package. These bags are made of thick canvas fabrics. These are the best fit with both Western and Indian attire. I can also carry them for shopping and running errands. The colours are absolutely stunning. Couldn’t have asked for more.

Price Tag & Availability

There is an exclusive range of Eco Right Tote Bags- Gusset Tote Bag, Superhero- Natural and Jutton Large Zipper Tote Bag, Cotton Pattern- Off-white. The size of the Gusset Tote Bag and Jutton Large Zipper Tote Bag are 13.5- inch x 16.5- inch x 3- inch and 20- inch x 15- inch x 6- inch. The Net volume and weight of these bags are 10kg, 120gm and 20 kg, 520gm. The Gusset Tote Bag and Jutton Large Zipper Tote Bag are priced at 249 INR and 599 INR respectively.

By buying these Tote bags you can donate 1% to education and environment by EcoRight. You Find Gusset Tote Bag, Superhero- Natural and Jutton Large Zipper Tote Bag, Cotton Pattern- Off-white bags here.




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  1. Plastic is something that is killing the I said No to it long back..these reusable tote bags are so smart that I just love to flaunt them anywhere I go

  2. Love the idea of using eco friendly bags, this will definitely not harm to environment. The fabric looks good quality and design looks chic. Would love to try

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