#BlogChatter E-book Review- Getting The 21st Century Home by Ankita Bhoye

Getting The 21st Century Home is an adult interior design collections book by Ankita Bhoye. The book is a collection of interior design styles, components, ideas, and tricks. The book consists index of interior designs. It laid emphasis on the making of a contemporary home. There are certain designer ideas to décor home as a dream home.
The book has architecture and interior design and benefits of interior designing by an architect. It has focused on passion for design and decoration of home. Architects have a building mechanism such as columns, beams, or walls. The interior designs should be functional rather than aesthetic. Anthropometry was an essential element. Scale plays an important role in the interior designing. Architects have a knowledge of drawing works and layouts. Another aspect is a real estate to buy a property may be for a house or commercial purposes.

The book begins with the varied interior décor ideas by the designer and architecture aspects.The author gives her tips and tricks to modern home decor. The refreshing areas of the house are the balcony. The best balcony has an outdoors and indoors plants.Balconies beneficial in respect of tea/coffee and snacks with a fancy tea set.Commercial décor providing comfort and the better environment to the employees. Commercial areas Lobby has been impressive for the visitors. Dining area décor has a particular dining table as per space. Table tops may be glass, wood or marble. Chairs may be no arms, low arms or open arms overhead lighting is perfect dining décor with varied designs and materials. Electric décor comprised of family heritage, travel collections, paintings or any other valuable décor. Color scheme, floating shelves are also important in any home décor. Placing furniture in a proper way. Different floorings should be used for varied rooms or compartments.


The book is a matured novel with architecture and interior decor aspects. The book is an interesting and impressive novel. It binds reader till last. It highlights varied designs of modern and contemporary home. It has a genuine vision towards lifestyles.

About the Author

Ankita Bhoye is an architecture student. She drawn to Design, Decor, DIY, and Lights.
She has to layer and adding textures through different materials of fabrics, metals, woods, and tiles. She writes of tips and tricks for interior designing.


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  1. I was thinking of picking a book on architecture as my house is going through some renovation, will definitely check it out this one.

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